I’m dreaming of a cure… but meanwhile…

Je suis séropo vous propose aujourd’hui un texte rédigé en anglais par M, mère adoptive de deux enfants séropositifs.

I’m dreaming of the day… HIV status is shared as casually as a having diabetes;

I’m dreaming of HIV not being associated with certain groups defined by race, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status;

I’m dreaming of services, funding and help offered without a glimpse of judgment in how the person was infected or, in our situation, the reasons why we would adopt these children;

I’m dreaming of the day I don’t have to go to my children’s school and feel like I’m hiding a terrible secret which, if shared, could have major consequences on their future and acceptance among friends;

I’m dreaming of the day some of our family members apologize for rejecting our children, screaming at us and calling us names after we disclosed;

I’m dreaming of the day I don’t have to fear losing friendships or family after naming my children’s disease;

I’m dreaming of the day I don’t have to think of hiding the stash of dispills or other “evidence” before someone comes over;

I’m dreaming or, I should say, fantasizing over not telling certain things to my kids such as, “…It’s best not to talk about it because they may not want to play with you anymore…”

… But I’m not dreaming of the day my children realize the impact of this stigma on their relationships.

I’m dreaming of the day birth moms can discuss this medical condition freely with their children without shame and guilt;

I’m dreaming of children like mine, growing up within their birth families because their parents didn’t die of AIDS.

I’m dreaming of a day people know the real facts around HIV and its transmission;

I’m dreaming of the day HIV is not seen and treated as a crime;

I’m dreaming of the day families taking care of children living with HIV have a voice in the healthcare that concerns them;

I’m dreaming of the day my children grow up and find the right support that respects their privacy and freedom of choice and are treated as managers of their own health;

I’m dreaming of the day these children are no longer the invisible face of HIV, but an increasing number of professionals and advocates speak up for them and make things move forward;

I’m dreaming of the day my children live their life to the fullest, achieving their dreams without fearing the “truth about them will eventually come out.”

I’m dreaming of my children as having a big circle of support of individuals who truly love them and accept them as they are.

I’m dreaming of them as healthy and happy adults, and HIV being just one of many things in their life.

I’m dreaming of them being able to use their own journey to support others and have empathy for individuals living with stigma, discrimination and/or a chronic condition.

I’m hoping for peace of mind, acceptance, freedom, health, justice, love and true friendships for all these children.

M – adoptive mother of two wonderful children

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